Mopo is a collective of three musicians from Finland. The energetic band saw daylight in the fall of 2009 as a result of a bar fight. Mopo (a moped) accelerates easily from zero to speed of light, and often the trio steps on a gas pedal for a ruff ride in the countryside. The band draws their inspiration from jazz, punk and the Finnish nature. Compositions are built together relying strongly in the magic of the moment.

Mopo has released four albums, “Jee!” (2012) “Beibe” (2014) and “Laivalla” (2016) all on Texicalli Records. “Beibe” won the Finnish grammy (Emma) in best jazz album category. Fourth album ”Mopocalypse” dropped in January to high praise, and represents yet another step up for this versatile troupe. The album’s powerful emotional spectrum ranges from ferocity through melancholy to truly brilliant joy. The group almost fell apart during the making of Mopocalypse, and the process translates beautifully onto the finished product, a tour de force by a collective fused together by the trials of friendship. Mopo is known for its unbridled live energy and adaptability, in Finland as well as abroad in countries across Europe, Central America, and North Africa.

Linda Fredriksson – Baritone and alto saxophone
Eero Tikkanen – Double bass and electric bass
Eeti Nieminen – Drums and percussions

Mopo on kolmen energisen muusikon kollektiivi, joka perustettiin syksyllä 2009. Baritonisaksofonin, rumpujen ja kontrabasson moúodostama trio ammentaa musiikkiinsa vaikutteita jazzista, punkista ja Suomen luonnosta. Mopo on julkaissut neljä levyä, “Jee!” (2012), “Beibe” (2014), “Laivalla” (2016) laulaja Ville Leinosen kanssa ja ”Mopocalypse” (2018). “Beibe” palkittiin vuoden parhaan jazzalbumin Emma-patsaalla. Live-energiastaan ja muuntautumiskyvystään tunnettu yhtye on kysytty esiintyjä ympäri maailmaa; Mopo on valloittanut yleisöjä puolelleen Suomen lisäksi lukuisilla keikoilla Euroopassa, Väli-Amerikassa ja Pohjois-Afrikassa.

Linda Fredriksson – baritoni- ja alttosaksofoni
Eero Tikkanen – kontra- ja sähköbasso
Eeti Nieminen – rummut ja perkussiot